Your Assets. Our Experience.

Talanx Asset Management forms - in combination with Talanx Immobilien Management and Ampega Investment GmbH - the Financial Services segment of Talanx AG, Germany's third-largest insurance group.

Together, we are one of the largest independent asset managers in Germany not affiliated with a bank.


Financial services providers

Financial services are rendered by three independent but closely cooperating companies

  • Talanx Asset Management GmbH is responsible for the assets of the Talanx Group on the money, capital and real estate markets. The successful growth of the Group's asset portfolio is a testimony to our insurance-specific investment know-how.
  • Ampega Investment GmbH transacts business with private and institutional clients and is an up-and-coming provider of funds characterized by outstanding product quality.
  • Talanx Immobilien Management GmbH bears responsibility for the Talanx Group's real estate investments.

Our integration into a large corporate group, which for many years has stood for security, stability and growth, gives us the strength to pursue new directions in order to optimally grow our clients' assets.